Ergonomic Tips For a Healthy New Year

We spend a great deal of time in our homes. Which is why I wanted to give you a list of tips on how I believe you can make your home healthier. I’m calling these my Ergonomic Tips for a Healthy New Year.

Improve Your Sleep – Gain Focus

Did you know sleep is the number one cause of either incredible health, or terrible health conditions? Lack of sleep can cause anxiety, depression, and all sorts of problems with our body. We recommend you get at least 6-8 hours of sleep depending on your lifestyle. If you’re not getting enough sleep, try experimenting until you get it right. Many people complain about not getting enough, but then fail to do anything meaningful about it.

Improve Your Posture – Find Pain Relief

If you’re feeling aches and pains in the morning and when you get off work at night, chances are your chair could use an upgrade. Poorly built chairs can cause our posture adapt – but in a bad way. Before you take your chair and throw it out with the garbage this Tuesday, try upgrading the seat. We recommend a gel seat cushion to improve the buffer between the seat and your rear end.

Drink More Water (or not)

Did you know you should drink a certain amount of water based on your weight? Of course your exercise level will vary, but your weight is a good baseline for how much water you should drink each day. Here’s a handy guide of weight to ounces of water so you don’t end up bloated.

Who Are Going To Be The Top Luxury Bathroom Designers In 2016?

Can I get a #HOUZZ in the house? If you are passionate about interior design, you may want to know who the top luxury bathroom designers are going to be in 2016. Such tops are pretty popular in this industry, so you have good chances to find one. However, how would you be able to figure out the factors that contributed to evaluating and giving rankings to all those designers? Why not put together your own top instead? It’s easier than it seems.

Finding The Designers Who Make The Best Luxury Bath Towels

First of all, you should try to check out all furniture salons and trade fairs that took place in 2015. The 2016’s top is going to be based on creations and portfolios from 2015, so this is where you need to search to find your designers. Look at special interior design magazines and websites, check out YouTube and other video channels, and try to put together a list of the most active luxury interior designers you can find. When designing an interior, chances are you are assigned to create a special look for each room in the house, bathroom included. If possible, find images of these interiors and create some visual boards to help you be fair in your assessment. If you want, you can use Pinterest instead of real life boards, as it is designed especially for this type of projects.

Creating Your Own Fine Linen Score Sheet

Next, you need to design a scoring system for evaluating those bathrooms. Since you are interested in luxury bathrooms, you have to make sure you compare the quality and the finish of all elements used by each designer. Give points or stars from 1 to 10, if you want, 1 being the poorest design and 10 the best one. You can rank the quality of the materials, the attention to detail, the presence of luxury elements, the mix of colors, the shape of the fixtures and anything else you may find important. In addition, you may want to check whether the elements of these luxury bathrooms can be found in shops, should consumers want to replicate those designs. You may want to give some added points to designers who want their art to be implemented by people who want to redecorate by themselves. If you don’t care about this, just skip this part of your analysis. After all, anybody who can afford a luxury bathroom should also afford a designer.

If you followed all the above mentioned steps, your list should be already finished. You can fine tune it by consulting other people in regard to the various designs you’ve evaluated by yourself. You can organize a sort of focus group in your backyard. Invite a bunch of friends, offer them some snacks and some refreshments and ask them what they think about each of the bathrooms in your photos. Always remember to ask them why they have a certain belief, as these insights can make a difference in the way you assess those designers.

Now that your top is done, you can either publish it on your website or blog, or you should try to sell it to home decor publications. These magazines have good budgets for buying articles, so you can write a compelling pitch and see if you can get paid for all this work you’ve done. After all, putting together such a top takes a lot of time and implies some efforts. Publishers may be happy to have their article already written, ready to go live whenever they want. If you manage to sell it, you should probably consider changing your career. Becoming a writer starts with a good article that awakens the interest of a magazine or specialty website. However, there’s a log way from here to becoming a well-known and appreciated writer. You may need to take some good writing classes in order to perfect your skill.

Anyway, not anyone is able to put together a top luxury bathroom designers list. You have to be passionate about such topics, otherwise you may not even know where to start your research from. If you can’t name at least five authority websites and magazines in luxury interior design and fine living, perhaps you should wait for someone else to publish this top. Next time, we’ll be talking about how to fold, hang, and wash your new decorative towels when they arrive. After all, you can have beautiful towels looking ugly if you don’t use proper care.

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Now, the writings and ramblings of Jon Tillman are one thing, but disseminating these ideas is the core of everything happening here:

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